Bulk Query Online Shop Feature

It is now easier than ever to check the prices and availability of a variety of items all at once!

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Contact STAUFF Online Shop

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Shop Functionalities

With the Bulk Query feature, STAUFF now offers existing customers (i.e. companies with a customer number and linked account in the STAUFF online shop) a simple way of finding out current prices and availability for a large number of items in just a few easy steps. The Bulk Query feature is located next to the Shopping Cart and Enquiries features at the top right of the webpage. A simple CSV or Excel/XLSX template is available to download to help create a streamlined process by allowing you to list all material numbers and desired quantities you need more information about. Once uploaded back into the webpage, STAUFF provides a list of all the items you requested with the current stock availability, available ship date, and current price. This list can be downloaded and shared easily with others in your organization or added to your cart for a quick and easy checkout process. 




Have questions about the new shop functionality? Contact a STAUFF customer service representative via Live Chat or Contact Form to get support.