STAUFF: Space - start virtually now

Experience STAUFF in a virtual space

Experience the next level of online training with STAUFF: Space: With virtual trade fairs, business dinners or digital social events in a virtual reality space. STAUFF is always at your side as an experienced partner. Get in touch now and benefit from the many possibilities.

What is STAUFF: Space?

STAUFF: Space already offers you the future of virtual training. In the virtual room, you can experience digital trade fairs and events as if you were there yourself. Thanks to innovative technology, you can interactively learn more about the STAUFF product range and interesting facts from the field of hydraulics. Educate yourself further - without leaving the office or home.

What are the benefits of STAUFF: Space?

  • Online lectures, workshops and trainings in STAUFF: Space as an ideal complement to webinars and E-Learnings

  • Interactive digital events that allow people to come together as they would in real life

  • Exclusive product presentations with 3D models and live animations

  • Digital conversations, without interruption - in groups or pairs

STAUFF: Space formats

Never miss an event at STAUFF: Space. There are no limits when it comes to the possibilities in the Space.

The STAUFF: Space
  • Digital trade fairs: Virtual booths and more

  • Digital social events: Experience a virtual meet & greet or other events (virtual dinner and more)

  • Digital meetings: Virtual rooms for meetings, workshops or a special room for technical presentations  

  • Streaming area: A room within the digital environment with possibilities like a cinema etc.

  • Learning area: Integration of a training area for technical explanations using existing or new e-learning content from STAUFF: University as well as 3D models


Online training with STAUFF: Now

STAUFF not only helps you to learn enough today with innovative virtual events, but also with exciting livestreams from STAUFF: Live and an interactive e-learnings of STAUFF: Universityto master the challenges of tomorrow.