Color Marking for STAUFF Quick Release Couplings

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Colored Identification Rings for Quick Release Couplings

Color Marking Rings for STAUFF Quick Release Couplings

Frequently asked questions and answers about colored identification rings for Quick Release Couplings

How exactly has STAUFF implemented the color marking ring option for quick release couplings?

Which material is used to manufacture the rings for color marking the couplings?

Do these grooves impact the performance or durability of the quick release couplings?

How are the color marking rings installed on the couplings?

Does STAUFF also supply couplings with pre-assembled color marking rings?

Is a special tool required for installing the color marking rings?

Can the color marking rings also be retrofitted on couplings that are already installed?

Can the color marking rings be reused on other couplings?

What if I do not want or need any color coding?

Which colors does STAUFF offer as a standard?

Are other colors also possible?

Can rings for color marking also be fitted when using dust covers?

Is two-tone color marking also possible?

Why can it be useful to use a two-tone color marking?

What do I need to know about storing the rings?

Are there any restrictions with regard to media resistance?

How do the rings react to extreme sunlight?

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