STAUFF Clamps: ACT Clamps

Based off the Universal Standard Pipe Clamps Designed for Highly Demanding Corrosive Environments

STAUFF ACT Clamps are innovatively designed to work as a solution for pipework, where anti-corrosion properties are crucial to the integrity of hydraulic systems. The STAUFF ACT clamp body designs are available in the Standard Series (DIN 3015 Part 1) and the Twin Series (DIN 3015, Part 3), covering the most commonly used pipe diameters from  ¼ to 1 ½ inch. They effectively prevent crevice corrosion under pipe clamps on stainless steel pipework, which helps reduce maintenance costs and creates a longer healthier life of the hydraulic system.

ACT Clamp's Innovative Design


The design of these clamps is based on the original STAUFF Clamps that have been the trusted and tested industry standard for several decades. They are innovated and evaluated for industries that operate in the sub-sea and top-side environments, which are extremely demanding and highly corrosive. The clamp body itself is crafted out of flame-retardant PP-V0 plastic material that is continually tested and evaluated to ensure top quality performance and reliability. Within the clamp body there are ACE anti-corrosion elastomer strips that grip the pipe to prevent the accumulation of seawater between the clamp body and the pipe. This design creates efficient drainage channels that aid in the discharge of seawater, making them self-draining. The mounting material is made of stainless steel with enhanced corrosion resistance by strategically excluding metallic and non-metallic impurities during production, processing, and handling. The integrity of these clamps is UV stabilized, which extends their lifetime by protecting the clamp from long-term degradation caused by UV light. They can withstand constant exposure to temperatures from -13°F to 176°F without concern of dilapidation. Covering the most common pipe diameters these clamps are made with industry standard and commonality in mind. However, if a specific uncommon pipe diameter is needed, STAUFF ACT Clamps can be made for customers upon an application request. 

Compliances and Confirmations

  • The material and design are compliant with: 
    • Section 7.3 (Tubing Installation) of the Norwegian offshore standard Norsok Z-010 (Revision 3, published in October 2000)
    • API RP 552
    • NACE SP 0108-2008 (Section 13)
    • S-716 of the International Oil & Gas Producers Association (IOGP) for Small Bore Tubing and Fittings
    • Clamp bodies are assessed and V0 classified according to UL 94
  • Clamps are subject to stringent testing at the STAUFF in-house laboratories located in Werdohl, Germany
  • Salt spray tests according to ASTM B117 applied in controlled laboratory environments 
  • Long-term field tested on a rig in the Dutch sector of the North Sea
  • Tests results independently assessed by the Center for Corrosion Technology at Sheffield Hallam University 
  • Fully detailed, independent test reports available on request
ACT Clamps: Anti-Corrosion Technology

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