Shop Guide for Existing Customers

Instructions for current STAUFF Online customers



1. Login

Login now with your user account to enjoy exclusive benefits and all features:

Important Prerequisite

You need a login that is linked to your customer #. Only then will your conditions be displayed.

💡 Tip:  If you have logged in, you can see your customer number in the grey field next to your name. If you do not see a number, your user account is not yet connected.


As an existing web shop user you will receive a link to sign into the and setup your own password.



2. Search & Find

Use the search field or our product navigation to find products:

Search Field


  • Search pages and products

  • Product names, STAUFF material numbers and cross referencing of competitor names

  • + for existing customers: Search for your own material numbers, if these are entered in the STAUFF system.


Use the search field

Product Navigation


  • Follow the category path

  • Step by step to the desired product

  • Narrow down the products using a variety of filter options


Go to the product categories

Further Helpful Features

Quick Order-File Upload

  • Placing orders even quicker & easier
  • Simply upload up to 300 products as an Excel or CSV file and add them to the shopping basket with one click!
  • Your requested ship date will be taken into account

Cross Referencing of other Manufacturer Descriptions

Find the right STAUFF product easily with cross referencing:

  • Search for the description in the search field
  • Details of the manufacturer in the search results

3. Prices & Availability

On the product detail page you will find all the information about the selected product:

Optional Actions

  • Enter desired quantity
  • Check price and availability live in the STAUFF ERP system 
  • Your company’s Individual prices are displayed
  • Add product to shopping cart or to project list and save for late



  • Your own material number e.g will be displayed if this is set up in the STAUFF ERP system
  • Various product information e.g. material, standard, packaging unit, customs tariff number, country of origin and much more
  • Direct access to the page in the online catalogue

Enquiry List
Directly request products that are currently unavailable:

  • When uploading the quick order
  • Directly in the search field or in the search results
  • On the product detail page

⚠️ You also have the option of requesting your individual pricing in this way. Please feel free to attach further information and files (e.g. technical drawings) to your enquiry or give your order number so that the desired products can be added to the order.

4. Shopping Cart & Order Processing

Your order overview with configuration options and your individual pricing at a glance:


  • Your individual pricing

  • Availability of the articles

  • Information about the weight

  • Optional: Enter voucher code (1x per order)

Share Shopping Cart

  • Click on   to send the completed shopping cart via link.
  • Recipients will have all products added to their own shopping cart by clicking on the link.
  • This way you can share products and orders with your whole organization in just a few seconds.

Specify Requested Ship Date

  • If not specified, fastest possible shipping will be offered

  • For specific items or complete order

  • You can select your individual delivery options (e.g. collective deliveries) in the next step if they are setup for you.

⚠️ If you want express shipping, you must also select the "Expedited" shipping option.


Select Complete Delivery

  • Depending on selected shipping method

  • For complete order shipped all together

5. Checkout

Delivery & Billing Address

  • Select standard addresses-previous ship to’s

  • Specify a one-time delivery address within Canada

  • Your billing address is selected by default


Select Your Individual Delivery Method

  • Please select a shipping option from the ones shown
  • If you do not find the freight forwarder / shipping option you are looking for, please select “Other (Please specify) and specify the shipping instructions in the text field below.
  • Shipping prices may vary by Province and delivery volume / quantity of packages
  • For that reason shipping costs can be displayed only within invoice

⚠️Important: For orders received by STAUFF before 2:00 p.m., the goods will be dispatched that day if you choose expedited or the next day if you choose standard service.

Payment on Invoice

  • As an existing STAUFF customer, payment by invoice is provided for you as standard


  • All order details summarised for you
  • Set your own order number
  • Submit your order

Account Information Center

Live Request of all Orders with Current Status

  • Orders & deliveries: All information about your company's orders

    • Orders: bundled information on order and shipping details, current status, etc.

    • Deliveries: all information about the deliveries - incl. shipping method, delivery note, forwarding agent, tracking number etc.

    • Invoices: download invoices as PDF

⚠️All of your orders are displayed whether placed via the webshop or by traditional methods.


  • Shop orders:

    • An overview of all your orders in the STAUFF Online Shop, which you have placed personally.

Download Selected Orders as an Excel Document

  • Search for orders in Orders & Deliveries using the filter options
  • Download orders matching the search criteria as an Excel document with one click
  • The Excel output contains, among other things:
    • For open orders: planned delivery date
    • For delivered orders: Ship date, delivery note number, tracking number

6. Receipt of Order

Documents by E-Mail

  • Order confirmation
  • Purchase order confirmation


Also Available by E-Mail

  • Delivery note
  • Invoice


Delivery of Goods

Do you have any questions?

Please Contact Customer Service